What is your CQ?

Canada is home to diverse cultures there’s no doubt about that. With the influx of migrants and/or temporary workers from all parts of the world, cultural adapatation seems to have been a challenge for those people and persons around them.

That is the reason why having an acceptable level of Cultural Intelligence or Cultural Quotient (CQ) will come very handy for all of us.

In a research article “Cultural Intelligence and Openness: Essential Elements of
Effective Global Leadership” by Verghese & D’Netto, they believed that leaders who possess good CQ will most likely to succeed within a team of international workforce.


“The model developed by Thomas and Inkson‟s (2004) has three components:
Knowledge, Mindfulness and Behavioural Skills, as illustrated in the following three
intersecting circles diagram (see Figure 1).

More specifically,
one must have a sufficient level of knowledge in order to understand cross-cultural differences;

one must have the mindfulness to be able to monitor and comprehend cross-cultural
situations; and finally,

one must have the ability to adapt their behaviour in accordance to whatever is appropriate for various cross-cultural situations.

Having these three traits creates a foundation for one to have a high level of cultural
intelligence (Thomas & Inkson, 2004).”


Did you remember what caused the Titanic to sink?



An iceberg.

So, an awareness of the cultural iceberg will help in developing our CQ.




You may find a lot of additional readings about the cultural iceberg thru Google search.






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